Prof. Michelle Parlevliet

Michelle Parlevliet is Assistant Professor Conflict Resolution and Governance in the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam and affiliated with the research program group Transnational Configurations, Conflict & Governance. Her research focuses on the relationship between human rights and conflict resolution in theory and practice as it plays out in specific country settings, in relation to particular issues (e.g. communal conflict, natural resources, national human rights institutions, transitional justice, and displacement), and as affected by the policies, politics and institutional architecture of development cooperation. She worked on these issues as a practitioner in various capacities and contexts for nearly twenty years, providing facilitation, training, research and technical assistance to multiple organizations and networks at grassroots and senior policy-making level in Southern and East Africa, South and South-East Asia, and Western Europe, and capturing insights in academic and professional publications. She holds a PhD in law (UvA, 2015) and MA degrees in Political Science (UvA, 1996) and International Peace Studies (Univ. of Notre Dame, 1995). Her dissertation, Holding Concurrent Realities. Revisiting the Relationship between Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, was awarded the 2016 Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award for best human rights dissertation.