Nariman Hamo


Nariman Hamo was born in Aleppo, Syria on July 27, 1987. In 2010 she got a degree in IT engineering, specialising in artificial intelligence. During her studies, she was an activist in the Kurdish issues, a member of Yekiti Kurdish party and the only young woman leader in the youth organization in her province. She learned several languages: Arabic, English, Japanese and Turkish, her mother tongue is Kurdish.
Nariman worked and volunteered in different fields: special aid in kids rehabilitation, teaching, career guidance, programming and IT, she also did administrative, financial and managerial work. By the age of 25, due to Syrian crisis she had to take her family to Turkey, where they could build a new life. By the end of 2012, she had helped to establish a young and leading Syrian civil organisation CCSD (Centre for Civil Society and Democracy). She is considered one of the best and youngest designers with administrative and managerial skills, system and process knowledge in the Syrian CSO’s field. She advocated and participated in changing the work policy for women and civil society in Syrian peace talks. Nariman is always standing up for herself, other women and youth rights, despite the challenges in her community.

Nariman Hamo was a panelist at WILPF event in Geneva on December 19, 2013, related to Syrian peace negotiations with Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi. “Nariman Hamo, representing CCSD, talked about the network with civil society actors inside Syria and pointed to a large gap between those working daily on promoting peace and non-violent values and those occupying decision-making positions. She clearly demands the existence of the third independent party that would make voices of civil society heard at negotiations. Ms. Hamo wished Brahimi team could respond to the requests to meet him, during his visit to Turkey, where their organisation has one of the offices.”
Till August 2016 she was the Operations Director of CCSD and one of the Board Members of CCSD, registrated in Turkey.
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