Mekka Abdelgabar

More information on Mrs. Abdelgabar and her work:

In early 80’s Mrs. Abdelgabar and her husband moved from Darfur, the west of Sudan, to the Netherlands. Mrs. Abdelgabar completed Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration. She worked as Financial Inspector at the Sudanese Ministry of Finance, and as a lecturer at the Omdurman University. Followed by two years on a PhD track as AIO at Twente University. 

Women empowerment is one of the key features of Mrs. Abdelgabar’s work. In 2005, she founded VOND, a Darfur women’s NGO in the Netherlands. It was established as an act of solidarity with the women and youth in Darfur. In 2015-2016, Mrs. Abdelgabar coordinated the LEAP program (Women’s Leadership for Peace Building in Darfur). It dealt with various issues in peace building, mediation techniques, security and diversity, promoting political participation of women leaders. LEAP’s target groups are 16 Darfuri women leaders of CBO and over 50 women from affiliated CBOs from five states of Darfur. As a coordinator of LEAP program, Mrs. Abdelgabar supported 16 women to form a network called WAP-Darfur (Darfur Women Alliance for Peace), who with her leadership became a professional committee of women mediators in tribal fighting at Darfur. Together these women are determined to interfere between the conflicting tribes and rebel groups in order to convince them to reconcile and sign peace agreements to end war in their region. For their mediation activities, the women mediators developed their own mediation methodology based upon certain criteria. Led by Mrs. Abdelgabar the committee successfully mediated in three tribal conflicts; in the North, South and West states of Darfur. These women’s mediations are widely recognized by the Darfur community and the government as the most effective and needed means to achieve peace in Darfur.