MBBI Anniversary event. When MBBI was founded 10 years ago by Ken Cloke, Rachel Wohl, Bob Creo, Erica Fox, Lynn Cole, Nan Waller Burnett, and the late Richard DeWitt, who could have thought that so much would come out of it.

Let’s celebrate the success we have achieved working on numerous projects in Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, Greece, Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Liberia, Ghana, Zimbabwe. For all the ten years the MBBI has strengthened civil societies, supported them and encouraged to carry on practices through culturally relevant methods. These have increased local abilities to heal from severe conflict, develop resilience against pressure to join armed conflict, and manage disputes sustainably.

At this event we will meet and share memories, stories, and dreams for the future, and honor the founders and volunteers that have contributed so much to make MBBI what it is today. If you wish to contribute, please contact board director and membership chairman Rose-Anne Moore directly.


Date: October 4
Time: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Peace Palace