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Article in Islamic Arts Magazine on the series of the stateless Rohingya:


Keeping people at the heart of the conflict in charge

David Verberckt (Belgium, 1971) is an independent reportage photographer currently living in Budapest, Hungary. His interest is to document and work close with people whose destinies are marred by social and political injustices, often living in deprived societies affected by latent or bygone conflicts. To contribute to the social responsibility and awareness and bring forth the changes to ameliorate the fate of the people whose life has been on the verge of existence, David aims to show the under-told stories to wider audiences.

What’s happening now? 

David has been working for the last 5 years on several projects such as Frozen Conflicts in the Caucasus depicting the ordinary people whose life is in limbo following the conflicts of the nineties and Palestinian Chronicles as a continuation of the series taken in early nineties, focusing on the daily realities of the numerous refugee camps’ population. Recently, he is working on subjects depicting hard labour and seasonal migration flows in the overpopulated Bengal bay and documenting statelessness of Bihari and Rohingya.


He has studied photography at “le 75” in Brussels between 1990 and 1993 and afterwards pursued studies in International Development at Bioforce in France. After exhibiting his first documentary reportages in the early nineties, David has turned to the aid agencies and has spent twenty years working worldwide in humanitarian emergency and development with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and later the EU. In early 2013, David left the international organizations to work as a professional photographer, full-time.