Women’s Peace Table

Peace Palace, October 3, 17:00-21:00 This ‘Peace Table’ invites men and women, in tradition of UN Resolution 1325, to work on equal women’s representation at peace tables and on increasing the participation of women in conversations on global peace and security. “It is not about counting women, but about making women count”.
MBBI promotes a gendered approach to peace-building and has trained many women in its ITI’s. At this Peace Table, we will host speakers on the subject and create new encounters and insights. Read more …

Masterclass with Douglas E. Noll,
De-Escalating Strong Emotions in Negotiation, Diplomacy and Conflict”

Peace Palace, October 4, 09:00-16:00 Douglas was a business and commercial trial lawyer for 22 years before turning to problem-solving and peacemaking. Learn this state of the art technique from the Master himself at this masterclass. Douglas will donate all proceeds of the workshop to support some panelists and participants with travel and accommodation. All masterclass participants are invited directly afterwards (free attendance) to the the MBBI Ten Year Anniversary Celebration. Read more …

MBBI Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

Peace Palace, October 4, 16:00-21:00 At this event we will meet and share memories, stories, and dreams for the future, in the honor of all those that have contributed so much to make MBBI what it is today. Present will be all founders, and many field-experts that worked on our missions – sometimes for many years in, for instance Nepal, Palestine, Colombia, and many more countries. (Free attendence for MBB members.) Read more …

MBBI Conference 2017
‘Keeping People at the Heart of Conflict in Charge’

Peace Palace, Thursday October 5, 11.00-21.00  Friday October 6, 9.30-18.00 . Mediators Beyond Borders works on capacity building at the grassroots and mediation advocacy at the high levels (first tier, UN) negotiations. Now it is time to bring the two together at this Conference and create a safe space for all the people involved.
We want to work on a community of people committed to keep every stakeholder in charge of creating sustainable peace. We believe that the way to do that is through creating safe spaces in which open dialogues can take place.
To accomplish this community, one conference is not enough. We would like you to continue with us if you like what you experience. The beginning of this community is the outcome of the conference.

Friday afternoon: viewing of the documentary THE PEACEMAKER, in the presence of Mr O’Malley and film maker Jim Demo, followed by Q & A. Read more …

October 3,4,5,6

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Note! We strongly recommend you are present one hour before the start of any event: entering the Peace Palace comes with thorough safety-checks. No worries: we’ll of course remind you when you’re there.