Ronie Barel is an Israeli, born and raised in Jerusalem and currently lives in the Netherlands. She holds an extensive academic and professional background in political Sciences, Gender studies and communication. Her main focus lies on gender, civil society capacity building and peace building.
Ronie has experience both in Israel and in the Netherlands, in supporting and coordinating variety of projects and programs, in peace, lobby and women NGO’s. The programs include, among others, promoting the work of women entrepreneurs in Latin America and Asia, supporting communication teams in women’s rights organizations and participating in peace building and dialogue activities and seminars in Israel and the Netherlands.
In the last few years, she has specialized in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, through her work in the Dutch Jewish organization “A different Jewish Voice”. Moreover, she publishes once in a while blogs in the Dutch Jewish media, mainly about Israeli politics and civil society. Ronie is currently coordinating variety of European – Jewish – Israeli campaigns, and is experienced in networking and lobbying with like minded organizations. She is an energetic, motivated and highly dynamic individual with a deep commitment to human rights and social justice.

Ronie Barel

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