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August 24 | Roundtable: Power Balancing in Times of Conflict
… to influence the process, be part of the process..
On August 24 the MBBI team participated in the Roundtable: Power Balancing in Times of Conflict, organised by Cordaid and WO=MEN, Dutch gender platform, in Nieuwspoort, The Hague. The round table was opened with speeches of local human rights and peace building experts from Afghanistan, Burundi, DR Congo, South Sudan, Central African Republic and members of the Dutch Parliament. The aim of the roundtable was to discuss what cam make the peace missions of SSR programmes efficient. The speakers stressed how important it is to keep investing into local ground, ask and reflect to changes needed on the local level. The experience shows that to make aid successful it is vital to allocate sufficient resources and stipulate each ministry to take responsibility for their part. One of the prerequisites for peace building is an integrated approach, that is defence, diplomacy and democracy implemented together. In her powerful speech Elodie van Sytzama emphasised that It is only possible to build peace if parties sit at the table of discussion, and understand that peace building is a long process. Negotiations are more effective when parties have sufficient number of women representatives. Thus a special focus of the discussion was on the inclusion of more women representatives into peace building.
July 21 | Letter of Recommendation, by Prof Dr. Jeff Balch
…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
Abraham Lincoln, 19 November 1863



Of the People, By the People

In the world of international peace and security, decision-making is in the hands of powerful governmental and inter-governmental bodies. We can all picture the table at which peace deals are hammered out and signed off on: a room full of men in suits, the occasional token woman providing a spot of colour; the dubious ceremonial handshake. The people who are most deeply involved, most traumatically affected, by conflicts are seldom anywhere near the positions of power that determine their fate and that of their country. Read more…

July 19 | Letter of Recommendation, by Mr. Freek Landmeter
‘History knows many examples of impressive peace agreement that have been brokered by prestigious institutions and ambitious world leaders. Often these agreements are based on great political intentions and only mark the start of a long process of building peace. The actual peace building requires the courage, commitment and persistence of local heroes and communities. Read more…
June 23 | Open Zoom meeting
On June 23 a Zoom meeting was held to discuss the ideas and progress of organizing the Conference. It is great news that the following week Prabha, CEO of MBBI, will arrive in the Netherlands and will also join the team meeting in the office. At the moment the team is looking for a Partnership opportunity with Rotary International for the Conference. The MBBI/ RI Working group has already a long list with names of possible participants. There is a possibility to offer a flyer with the RI logo. Next week the flyer will be ready for Steve Goldsmith to send around. The PR team is taking decisions on the announcement letters to post, Lina Marcella and Nataliia are in charge of that. Dana Moldovan suggested an ITI for the Conference. Prabha is currently working on its funding. We are happy to acknowledge the successful launch of the Conference website:, which has been functioning for 6 weeks. Next week the mail with invitations/ announcements will be sent to the MBBI members and network from the US. After that next week an HTML email with announcements will be send out from the Netherlands. The team are also in the process of selecting panelists to be at the Conference. Some of the candidates are discussed and the fundraising team will be looking for the opportunities to get funding for their travel and accommodation. Some candidates are highly involved with MBBI, and well known internationally.
June 17 | Mediation Conference Madrid
On June 13-16 MBBI was present in the annual World Mediation Summit 2017 organized by Mediation International and held in Madrid, Spain this year. This important gathering brought together innovative thinkers from across the globe as well as outstanding international experts from many fields of mediation; including mediators, lawyers, judges, International Ambassadors, diplomats as well as other local and international experts. MBBI participated as one of the influential global organizations in this field. Represented by Angela Solano Doncel, MBBI held the discussion of “How international organizations lead the way to conflict resolution for all of us” in the international panel on Thursday. June 15.




May 30 | MBB team attends #common effort 2017
May 19 | Open Zoom meeting
On May 19 the Organising team of the Conference held an Open Zoom meeting to discuss what they have accomplished so far and the next steps, in accordance with the best practices of other congresses of this kind worldwide. Among the participants were Steve Goldsmith, Chair of CA Congress 2010 and Istanbul Congress 2013, Dana Moldovan, Chair of 2015 Congress, Rose-Anne Moore, MBBI board of directors member leading the Membership Committee, Ruth Sirman from Canada, Emily Gould, founding member of MBBI and Chantelle Doerksen, member of the MBBI-Rotary working group in The LA area. It was an active and professional discussion of the format of the Conference and important issues related to registration and the possibility to show films on Peacemaking made by a film maker, who took shots from all burning points of the world, including Iraq, the Balkans and Ireland from the focus of one of the most important mediators in the world, together they are willing to present his film. We tremendously appreciate the important insights, assistance and support provided by the participants of the May 19 meeting.
May 19 | Folder of the conference




There is a new folder. Click on the image above to download this folder.

May 18 | Team and new office




MBBI is excited to announce that in February 2017, MBBI was welcomed to the ‘City of Peace”- the Hague, the Netherlands – where it registered as Stichting MBBI. MBBI is delighted to enter this stage of its global work. Its first course of action is to host the MBBI’s 2017 Conference Keep People Affected by Conflict in ChargeStichting MBBI opened its office at Laan van Meerdervoort 70 (pictured below) and on 16 May 2017, held its first team meeting there.