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Very special THANKS to the COP staff who were enormously helpful to Fatiha and me as we prepared to close down our MBB display area today πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ˜‡

Dr. Gregg Walker and Suzi Norbeck give an interview at COP 23.

During our lunch break, Fatiha and I visited Bonn's favorite son, Beethoven! 🎼🎹😍

Charalee and I began the sad process of preparing to pack up our beautiful MBB banners ( all designed and created by Dr. Gregg Walker) and to take to the shipping department to be sent home. This is the shipping office where we need special forms from COP 23. Tomorrow we will finish packing up and get a second round of Fed Ex forms from yet another office via internet!

Our team is working late again at the COP as we tell delegates and others about Mediation. This gentleman from Ghana is interested in having MBB come to his country to do a education training.😍


Very busy at our MBB booth today😍. Michel Houndjo from Togo is VERY. Interested in having MBB do a training in Togo.

Visolela Rosa from Namibia is anxious to have MBB do a training in her country re: issues of violence etc...

Mediators Beyond Borders International shared their post.

It was Gender Day at the COP and twice President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, a long time advocate for indigenous women, was at her very best. She is an inspiration and an admirable role model for all women. She passed by our MBB booth and it was a thrill to chat with her as she was in route for a TV panel discussion.